2022 Annual Shareholder Meeting

2022 Annual Meeting of Stockholders is scheduled for Thursday, March 31, 2022, 3:00 p.m. ET (Eastern). In addition to providing proxy materials online, this year's Annual Meeting will be completely virtual and webcast live at:

Ciena's proxy materials for its 2022 Annual Meeting of Stockholders are now available via the Internet in accordance with the Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC's) Notice and Access rule. Ciena's 2021 Annual Report and its proxy statement for the 2022 Annual Meeting, as filed with the SEC, can be viewed via the links below or by visiting

Ciena believes that its use of the Internet to host its meeting and facilitate distribution of materials enables expanded stockholder participation, expedites receipt of proxy materials and reduces the cost and environmental impact of the company's Annual Meeting.

Questions about Ciena's 2022 Annual Meeting

When is the annual stockholder meeting?

Ciena's 2022 Annual Meeting of Stockholders will be held on March 31, 2022 at 3:00 PM (Eastern). If you are a stockholder as of the February 4, 2022 record date for the Annual Meeting, you will be able to attend the Annual Meeting, vote your shares electronically and submit your questions during the live webcast of the meeting by entering the 16-digit control number included in your Notice of Internet Availability of Proxy Materials, your proxy card or the voting instructions that accompanied your proxy materials.

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Why did I receive a one-page notice in the mail regarding the Internet availability of proxy materials this year instead of a full set of printed proxy materials?

Pursuant to the "Notice and Access" rules adopted by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), we have elected to provide access to our proxy materials over the Internet as an alternative to the traditional delivery of printed proxy materials. Accordingly, if you were a stockholder of Ciena common stock as of our February 4, 2022 record date, we sent you a Notice of Internet Availability of Proxy Materials. By following the instructions in the Notice, you may access our proxy materials on the website referred to in the Notice. The Notice also includes instructions on how to vote your shares and request printed copies of the proxy materials.

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How do I vote my shares without attending the Annual Meeting?

Whether you are a "stockholder of record" or hold your shares in "street name," you may direct your vote in advance of and without attending the Annual Meeting in person. If you were a stockholder as of the February 4, 2022 record date, you may vote your shares via the Internet by following the instruction included in your Notice of Internet Availability of Proxy Materials, your proxy card or the voting instructions that accompanied your proxy materials. To vote your shares via the Internet, you will need to have the control number set forth on your Notice. If you request printed copies of the proxy materials by mail, you may also vote by signing and submitting your proxy card and returning by mail or you can vote by telephone. All proxies properly submitted in time to be counted at the Annual Meeting will be voted in accordance with the recommendations of the Board of Directors.

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What is the difference between holding shares as a stockholder of record and as a beneficial owner of shares held in street name?

If your shares are registered directly in your name with our transfer agent, Computershare Trust Company, N.A., you are considered the "stockholder of record" with respect to those shares, and the Notice was sent directly to you by mail on February 15, 2022. If your shares are held in an account at a brokerage firm, bank, broker-dealer, or other similar organization, then you are the beneficial owner of shares held in "street name," and the Notice was forwarded to you by that organization. As a beneficial owner, you have the right to direct that organization on how to vote the shares held in your account.

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Financial Information

When do Ciena’s fiscal quarters end?

Ciena has a 52 or 53 week fiscal year, which ends on the Saturday nearest to the last day of October in each year. Our quarters also end on Saturdays, most often in 13-week increments, except during a 53 week fiscal year when there is one 14 week quarter. For purposes of financial statement presentation, we describe our quarters as ending on January 31, April 30, and July 31 and our fiscal year as ending October 31.

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Why does Ciena break out expenses every quarter?

In addition to reporting GAAP results, Ciena breaks out unusual or extraordinary operating expenses each quarter so that investors can see their affect to GAAP results on an expense-by-expense basis.

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Where can I find Ciena's filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission?

Please click here to access Ciena's SEC filings.

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General Information

Does Ciena have a mailing list?

Ciena does offer a mailing list for distribution of future Company announcements. We also provide an e-mail list for your convenience. If you are interested in being placed on one of Ciena's distribution lists, please fill out this form.

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Can you send me analyst research reports on Ciena?

It is the Company's policy to not distribute research reports.

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How do I contact Investor Relations?

Ciena's investor relations hotline is (877) 243-6273

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When did Ciena go public? At what price?

Ciena completed its initial public offering on February 7, 1997 at a split-adjusted price of $18.50.

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What companies has Ciena acquired?

For a list of the companies Ciena has acquired, please see our website:

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Who are Ciena’s independent accountants?

Ciena’s independent accountants are PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, McLean, VA.

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Who is Ciena's Transfer Agent

Ciena's transfer agent is Computershare Trust Company, N.A.

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When and where was Ciena incorporated?

Ciena was incorporated in Delaware in November 1992.

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Information Request

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Shareholder Information

What does it mean to hold my stock in "street name"?

To hold in street name means that your securities are recorded in your broker-dealer's name on the books of the issuing company or its designated transfer agent, and in your name on the books of the broker-dealer. Trading information will be sent by your broker-dealer as well as regular account statements and all other activity related to your investment. Shareholder materials, such as proxies, annual reports, or notices of corporate actions will be sent automatically by your broker-dealer as well.

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How do I sell or transfer my stock, change the address on my stock account or replace a lost stock certificate?

Please contact Ciena's transfer agent, Computershare Trust, at

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